Best Plants For Those Who are Living in Apartments

Sometimes when you live in an apartment, it seems like you don’t have enough space where you can add plants. This is often true especially if you are living in the heart of the city where the whole town is busy and the whole place looks too crowded. But despite this, you should still try to add plants and flowers in your surroundings because they have lots of benefits and good effects for you. You no longer need to have gazebo or a garden just to take advantage of having plants and flowers at home. Below are the best plants which you can plant even if you are living in an apartment:

Spider Plants

It comes from South Africa. It requires less maintenance which is perfect if you are just learning to plant. It has beautiful green leaves and it produces white flowers for a long time, making your whole place look attractive. Even if you will put it in your yardsaver sheds, it can still produce beautiful flowers. The best thing of having it is it can lessen the pollution in your apartment.

Aloe Vera Plants

There are many aloe vera plants which can add green color to your home. You can place it in your window sill so that adequate light and sun will be able to reach it. Plus, you can water it at least every two or three weeks.  Aside from making your house look attractive, it can also be used as your first aid in treating wounds and burns.

Bird Nest Ferns

The best thing about this is plant is it does not need lots of sunlight. In fact, it would die when it is exposed to so much light. The only thing that you need to make sure is its soil should remain moistened. You should water it regularly to see to it that the soil is not dry.

ZZ or Eternity Plants

This is another plant that does not need too much sunlight. Plus, you do not need to water it too much. Even if there are insects and lots of diseases, it can still grow accordingly. Maybe that’s why it is called eternity. Even if you will have a vacation, you don’t have to worry as this plant won’t die easily.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo has a simple and neat appearance. But it is great to be placed in any countertop or table. Definitely, it can make any dull and boring area look appealing. It can be even given as a gift during special occasions. Plus, it signifies prosperity, health, and happiness to you.

English Ivy

It can be hanged somewhere in your home. You will love its flowers which are in white colors. Make sure that you will hang it in an area of your house which does not expose to too much sunlight because it may die.


This plant has a wonderful color of pink or red. There are many types of bromeliads. That’s why make sure you know what type you have because this will be the basis how you will take care of the plants. And, you will know the light, the temperature, and the water that the flower needs.

Lastly, if you have problems with the space in your house, try to put your other things inside the beautiful Galvo sheds so that there will be adequate space where you can also place your plants.


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