Perennial Gardening – Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Perennial plants are plants that grow for many seasons. They are ornamental plants. Some of the parts of the plants die during winter and come back during spring. But not all perennial plants are easy to maintain. In fact, it is important to know what plants will exactly fit to your location. They are attractive especially if you will put them along your fences and structures like your garden sheds.

How to choose the best perennial plants?

First, choose an easy to maintain perennial plants. But the climate in your place is an important factor. It may also differ when it comes to the season. That’s why it is helpful to know what kinds of perennial plants are surviving in your area and choose those plants. And also, allow them to settle and adapt to their surroundings. In this way, they will no longer need to be maintained regularly. Examples of low maintenance plants are the coneflowers, blazing stars, coral bells, and many more.

You can also choose perennials which will provide shade. They can be perfect to be placed beside your custom made sheds. So that while you are working on your garden, you will have a place where you can stay protected even if the sun is up. These plants are ideal to be exposed under the heat of the sun. Examples are the Aconitum fischeri, Aguilegia, Astilbe, and a lot more.

How to take care of your perennial plants?

Water is needed by the perennial plants. Through watering their roots grow as well as the whole parts of the plants, giving you lovely flowers. But you should do it based on what the plants need. There are plants which require more water because they love to have moisture in the soil. Other plants can thrive without water even if it is during the drought season. That’s why you should consider the climate in your area when selecting for the right plants.

Another way to take care of your perennial plants is to apply fertilizer and mulch. This will help them to be nourished. But do not apply the fertilizers when the growth of the plants tends to slow or during the fall time.

You should also learn to divide the plants so that they will continuously produce more flowers. And also, in this way, they will live longer. It is recommended to do the division during the spring because the plants are still growing.

Deadheading should also be done. Old and dying flowers should be removed. You should cut them so that new flowers will bloom. The plants are strengthened when the old parts are cut. That’s why you should not forget to always check your plants and its parts.

Lastly, during fall, perennial plants should go through pruning process. Some of the perennials are not attractive during the winter. Plus, they are attracted to have pest infestation. That’s why each fall season, they should be pruned or cut down.

Perennial plants are great to have. There is no doubt that they can make the whole place look attractive. But choosing the right ones and taking care of them are the essential ways which can lead you to become successful of having them in your garden.

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2 thoughts on “Perennial Gardening – Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. Nice work, good introduction article. Basic culture. Would like to see the use of common and botanical names, clarification for people going into a store.

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