Camping In the Backyard

I have been busy from work lately that I have no time with my family, especially with my son. Then suddenly, my husband thought of a wonderful idea. Since we can’t go too far from our house, he said: “why don’t we have a camping in the backyard?” At first I was hesitant as I thought that it sounded crazy. But when they (my husband and my son) set up the tent, I get interested with the idea.

It was an instant plan. My husband on that day bought hotdogs with mallows, crackers, and drinks. He put the hotdogs and the mallows in the stick. I saw how my son felt so excited while watching. I also helped with the set up.

When the night came, I have seen how my son’s excitement has grown. As a mom, I also felt so happy that he was enjoying at that moment with us. I was also thankful to my husband who has thought of a brilliant idea. In fact, I have loved him even more (lols). My son and I put our hotdogs over the bonfire. He was so proud of himself that he has cooked his first hotdog with mallows.

After that, we laid down inside the tent. We brought out blanket and pillows. While we are lying inside the tent, my husband got his flashlight and turned it on inside the tent. Oh my! As simple as that, my son was giggling in so much fun. After that, we got out from the tent and stare at the sky which at that time contained lots of stars. Thank God that the weather was good. My husband shared some knowledge about the galaxy, the stars, the moon, and the universe to my son. My son got speechless. Perhaps, at that time his imagination was working.

My realizations at this simple yet memorable time with my family are the following:

  • You don’t have to spend more money just to create a good quality time with your family. All you need is “time” and a bit of initiative or creativity.
  • Time is precious. I’ve come to think that my son won’t remain a child forever. Someday he would have his own life. So, I should treasure each moment when I still have him.
  • Happiness is a choice. You can either leave your work even just for a while and be happy or work all the time and be miserable.

Lastly, I’m sure my son will remember this as he is growing up. Indeed, camping is not just a hobby. It is a way of life.


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