Cool Rooftop Garden

nice rooftop gardenIn gardening, there is always a way. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you are really passionate in it, you can always plant flowers even if you are living in an urban area. In fact, your interest in gardening should rise up if you are in the heart of the city since pollution is highly prevalent. Below are some of the benefits of rooftop gardening together with the beautiful pictures that will surely amaze you.

The History of Rooftop Garden

Rooftop garden is a garden which is created on top of the roof of any buildings or houses. This has been started a long time ago as early as 4th millennium BC–600 BC. Rooftop gardens are found in ancient Romans such as the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii and in an audience hall in Roman-Byzantine Caesarea. Since then, it is widely applied in all over the world. In today’s modern generation, rooftop garden ideas are developing, making any buildings look great.

The Benefits of Rooftop Garden

It produces Oxygen

Rooftop Garden in Chicago USA

Rooftop Garden in Chicago USA

Plants produce oxygen and take out the carbon dioxide which is really beneficial for the people and for the environment. In urban areas, you can mostly see tall buildings, hear noises from the street, and inhale the harmful fumes from the vehicles and factories. Oh boy! Can you still breathe? Or should I ask are you still alive? I’m just joking. But in this case, you need plants and flowers to at least take in some fresh air, especially after a tiring day. This also helps eliminate air pollution.

It saves energy

rooftop garden in Singapore

Rooftop Garden in Singapore by Henry Leong

The flowers and plants on your roof top can help you save energy since they absorb heat. You may not frequently use your cooling system as it also provides cool air. It also serves as your insulation against heat and noise. Thus, your home or office will be a place of comfort.

It provides serenity and privacy

beautiful garden in the rooftop

Since it is located on top, most of the time kids are not allowed to play in this area. You will have a place of your own where you can simply relax while being surrounded with the beautiful flowers and other green plants. Some of you may think that this is impossible in the heart of the city. But again, with rooftop garden, it seems like you also have a backyard.

It meets your passion in gardening

rooftop garden

It is the best way to still do what you love to do and that is gardening. If you have free time you can just go up and cultivate your plants, design the whole area, and decorate. You will surely feel fulfilled. If you love organic gardening, you will have your own organic products which mean that you’ll no longer need to go to the market and buy them which can be more expensive.

It gets you closer to nature

rooftop in Pau

You can provide a place where birds can stay and rest. Plus, you will enjoy their presence. By hearing them chirping, you will feel as if you are not living in the city. Plus, it is not only you who will be enjoying the benefits; but the whole environment as well as your neighbors will harbor the benefits of it too.

Lastly, do you know that even the roof of your workshop shed or garden shed can be used to plant more flowers and other plants?

tool shed


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