Rarest Flowers in the World

One of the best things when you love gardening is when you learn lots of things just like the rarest flowers in the world which can be very interesting. Indeed, we should be thankful since we are living in a world with lots of wonders and beauty. Below are the rarest flowers in the world:

Jade Vine

Jade Vine

Once you see a Jade Vine, you will surely be speechless because of its unique appearance. You will be captivated with its blue-green color. They have claw shape and they hang beautifully. They are seen, specifically in the forest of the Philippines.

Parrot’s Beak

parrot beak

Parrot’s beak can be found in Canary Islands. It is rare since 1884. Its pollens are transferred through Sunbirds which are already gone. The shape of its flowers looks like a beak of a parrot.

Chocolate Cosmos

chocolate cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos is  found in the country of Mexico. Its flowers have deep brown color like a chocolate. It produces vanillin scent which is really appealing. Most probably, you would feel like eating one of them.

Ghost Orchid

ghost orchid

It has been believed that they have been gone 20 years ago. They are unusual because they do not consist of leaves which are responsible for their photosynthesis so that they can make their own food. They live in the country of Cuba and some of them are found in Florida. They depend on fungus so that they can survive.

Youtan Poluo

youtan polou

It is found by Chinese people. It has white colored and sweet smelling appearance. It does not have a scientific name.

Yellow and Purple Lady Spider

yellow and purple spider

It is a wild orchid which can be found in Europe. It is difficult to propagate which makes it rare. In Britain, it is closely monitored so that it won’t get extinct.

Corpse Flower

corpse flower

This flower is found in Sumatra which grows so big up to 6 feet in height. It is the rarest and most in danger flower. Experts believe that it is present many decades ago. It has a foul odor which attracts the beetles and the flies so that they can pollinate.

Koki’o (Kokai cookei)

hawaiian hibiscus

This flower is originated in Hawaii. That’s why it is also called as Hawaiian hibiscus. It is also difficult to propagate. It produces red flowers annually.

Middlemist Red

C japonica

They are seen in the garden of New Zealand while the other is in Britain. They look like similar to roses with pink colored flower.

Franklin Tree

franklin tree

It is originated from Altamaha River Valley in Georgia. It produces white colored flower with scent.

Lastly, these flowers are prone to be completely gone in the world. That’s why we need to take care of them. In this way, the future generation will still have the chance to know and to see them personally. In fact, it is recommended that we should not abuse Mother Nature because no matter if the plants or flowers are too many, they will be extinct once we don’t learn to be responsible in taking care of them. DY86NKY99Q69


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