Most Dangerous Places In The World

Although the world is filled with lots of wonders and beauties, there are still places where they are considered as dangerous. This only means that you are not allowed or you should not go to these places if you don’t want something bad happen to you or to your loved ones. This is interesting information as there are different places with the different reasons of why they are considered as dangerous.



To be particular, the Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is considered as dangerous. This is because this place is known for drug trafficking and crimes. Those who are involved would do the best that they can and this means that they are willing to kill lots of people just to accomplish their business of dealing the illegal drugs. In fact, even their police department is known for being corrupt.



Of course, you may able to hear lots of news about Somalia right and the people who are living in there. There is always a political violence and civil war. This place has lots of bandits. Some of them are just teenagers while others are too old to fight in a war.

Baghdad Iraq


In Iraq, war still happens due to political reasons. Bombings and firings are always happening almost everyday which left the infrastructures damage. People don’t have the chance to live a normal life. Some of them are forced to evacuate.

South Africa

south africa

In particular, Cape Town is the dangerous city in South Africa. Its crime rates are really high even if there are lots of interesting activities which you can do in the city. You can’t even walk alone or securely along the street as someone may cause you harm anytime. Robbery is very common.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I love Brazil, particularly the Rio de Janeiro even if I haven’t been there yet. When I see their beaches, this place is one of the sites where I want to travel. However, I have learned that this is also one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Drug trafficking is also common and there is always a conflict between drug dealers and the local policemen. But this does not mean that you can’t visit the place. You just need to research more on where you will stay and the right preparation to do so that you will always be prepared when trouble comes your way. In fact, tourists are not allowed to go to mountainous or shanty places.

Whether you want to go to these places or not, it is still important to prioritize your safety. Before going to the place, you should fully understand what you can expect. In short, make a lot of research. Remember, putting yourself or your loved ones’ lives at risk is not fun or adventurous at all.


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