Gardening column: Cat litter a safe alternative to salt

Some would use cat litter for their compost bin. But what you guys think of having it as a safe alternative to salt during snowfall? Do you think it is acceptable? In a column written by Jane ford, she explains how safe cat litter is than salt if you don’t want to get slipped on the ice. Putting salt on the pathways or sidewalks to protect you and the others from slipping on the ice can be effective in de-icing; however, it can also cause damages to your trees and plants. She mentioned that you can use other alternative which is calcium chloride or calcium magnesium acetate. If you will use cat litter, it is inexpensive, effective, and safe for your other pets. As you can see, salt can hurt the paws of your pets. She added that if you want to plant trees, flowers, or shrubs along the sidewall, choose the one which is not vulnerable to salt. She surprises me of how snow benefits the plants as there are many who would think that snow is not good for the plants.

To know the rest of the column, click here:


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