My Year in Gardening: 2012

you grow girlI really love to read and I suddenly came across the blog of which is created by Gayla Trail. In one of her articles, she has written about her year in gardening last 2012. She has stated her accomplishment in her garden last year. She even listed her favorite post of the year which is “Here I am. This is me”. She also liked her post about the currant tomatoes which suddenly grow in her garden last summer. You would really see some great pictures of it. And her favorite plants last year are dry soil plants. What amazes me most is her favorite garden which is Margaret Roach’s garden. I wish I could go there too. If you would read the whole post, this girl has a great memory. (lols). I envy her.

Indeed, looking back at your past experiences will give you an exercise of the mind. Plus, it will most probably make you smile and feel inspired to do better the next coming years. However, even if it wouldn’t be nice to look back at those failures as well, it can also help you become a better gardener since the best teacher in life is through experiences.

Read her story here:


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