Recycle and repurpose after the holidays (and beyond)

New Year for me means a new beginning for improvement. It is a new start to correct the failures and mistakes which we have experienced in the past. As much as possible, we should start the year right. Sally Cunningham has written a post in about how to apply recycling  in our daily lives so that we can help the environment in the next years to come. In addition to that, she made me feel proud that I am a gardener since she mentioned how most gardeners use their initiatives in recycling what others considered as waste from their own house. Like for instance a lamp shade frame becomes a peony support while the Popsicle sticks become seedling markers.


It made me realize how many times I have recycled things inside the house to be applied in my own garden. For example, I have made the empty cans of milk of my child into pots for my flowers and other plants. I would just paint them so that they would look attractive. I have also cut the plastic bottles of soft-drinks to make them as pots. Lastly, being a gardener is the best way to be with nature and to think for positive ways how to make Mother Nature happy.

To read the whole article as she even stated how to recycle the Christmas tree, visit this site:



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