The Real Dirt: Keep bees in mind for winter gardening

beesFor me, I don’t really like bees. This is because they can hurt you. However, because they are needed in my garden, I need to make sure that they are present. Besides, if you won’t hurt them, they won’t hurt you either. According to one article from which is written by Tom Hansen and Jeanne Lawrence, bees are important when it comes to pollinating the flowers. If you are thinking that since it is winter, they don’t need to eat, you are wrong. Different kinds of bees like the honey bees, native bees, and mason bees have different methods of how they can be able to feed themselves during winter.

They also provide some tips how to make your garden a bee-friendly place. First, as much as possible choose natural species which provide nectar and pollen for bees. Second, if you want to attract solitary bees, you should plant native flowers. Third, you should plant different flowers from various plant families. Fourth, plant more flowers throughout the season. Lastly, it is recommended to plant one type of flowers together so that bees will continually be attracted to your garden.

To read the whole article, click here:


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