What will the top gardening trends be in 2013?

olympic wildlife flowers

A new year has finally started. I am very excited of what’s going to happen this year. For you, what will the top gardening trends be in 2013? An article that is written by Ed Cumming has stated some of the possible trends this year in gardening. First, he stated that experts predict that the wildflowers from the Olympic meadows would still inspire many people, particularly the gardeners, in 2013 while other experts said that they would expect shrubs to become popular again in planting designs.

On the other hand, despite some of the failures that most gardeners experience last year regarding their home vegetable garden, many experts still believe that home-grown vegetables are still the best and many gardeners are still willing to do it in their house. Lastly, they also believe that many people would still be interested in helping the wildlife by planting more plants and trees.

Click here to read the whole article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardeningadvice/9777834/What-will-the-top-gardening-trends-be-in-2013.html


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