How To Guard Your Garden From Pests?

If you have a garden at home, most probably you also know that your number one enemy would be pests as they can destroy your crop. In case like this, you need to learn effective methods in protecting your garden before they start damaging it. Below are the tips which can help you guard your garden from those destructive pests. You better try these before you’ll see your garden ruined.

Eradicate the Larva of the Insects


The larva of various insects in your garden can be a big problem. This is because they will eat the roots of your plants. The best solution to this is by putting nematodes or tiny worms. They will go down the soil and eat the larva. They also have the ability to kill other harmful pests. This is much preferable because nematodes are a natural solution. But you can also use chemical products which can also kill the larva. However, they are not environment-friendly.

Kill the Slugs


Another problem which you may encounter in your garden is the slugs. They can eat your whole garden, leaving everything dead. The best solution is to apply beer traps. You just have to use a small amount of beer and two plastic water bottles in eliminating them out from your garden. You can create a trap by cutting the bottom part of the water bottles and attaching them together. They can be trapped and never come out. They really like beer and you can use it to trap them. By putting a few traps, your garden will be free from slugs.

Control the Birds


Although birds are nice to have in the garden, they can also cause a huge problem in your vegetable garden. You can install fishing wire around your garden. Because of the fishing wire, they won’t be able to go down and eat your vegetables. If trees, where you can install the fishing wire, are not present, you can set up nearby poles to string the wires. You may think that the wire is less likely to be seen, but the birds can actually see them; thus, they are discouraged to go to your garden. This method is proven effective compared to scarecrows or fake owls.

Remove Furry Nature


Other creatures which can cause severe damages to your garden are deer, rats, as well as the rabbits. The best remedy that you can do is to install higher fence so that they won’t enter your garden. At the bottom part, see to it that you will also install chicken wire so that small creatures won’t enter too. Even if killing them is also effective, but as much as possible you should apply friendlier and yet, effective method. If you will trap rats and poison them with chemicals, it is not safe for the environment. In this manner, you can freely grow your plants without the need to kill those animals which can be healthy for the environment.

Lastly, you can still enjoy having a garden all throughout the season without harming the environment or being harsh to the animals.

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