Luci Portable Light Video Demo: Solar Light For Camping, Emergencies

One of my passion aside from gardening is camping. For Me, I feel different when I am with nature, especially if I am going to do it with my family. Yes, I camp with my hubby and 5 years old son. Because of this, I know how important it is to have adequate light when camping, particularly if you are in a middle of the forest.

There’s this interesting post which I have read, and it talks about Luci Portable light. It is written by Try Frommer from Although he emphasizes that this light is beneficial for those who are living in an underdeveloped country, this can also be used for those who love camping. In fact, it can be used as your emergency light.

A video is also provided in the post. To read the whole article about Luci Portable light as this can meet your camping needs, you may check it out here:


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