Scotts Valley man found safe after return from camping trip

Even if I love camping since it is adventurous, somehow I still feel afraid when we camp with my family. This is because risk may happen anytime. Just like an article which I’ve read from Santa Cruz Sentinel and it is written by Stephen Baxter, a police officer is missing after camping and hiking. He was just 23 years old. His family reported that he had a break up with his fiancée and later that day he was gone with lots of his clothes and passport. His family was worried and the whole local officers helped together in searching for him. What’s the twist of the story? The police officer was safe. He just wanted to go out and to seek his self through the woods. He didn’t even know that he is being searched and his family was really worried. Perhaps, his mistake was that he never left a note that he would just go out for a while and just to be alone.

Even if the police officer is safe, it is still important to think of your safety when you are away from home. Aside from that, I’ve learned to give value to camping. It is not just an adventurous activity; but it can also help an individual to grow mature and to know yourself even more. I just love camping!

Read the whole story here and share your opinion:


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