Camping a family tradition

Camping a family tradition

Perhaps, you have already known that one of my passions is camping with my hubby and with my son. We have been doing this for one year and we are hoping for more years of doing it. This is the reason why I love the story from which is written by Leighton Keith. It is all about “Camping a Family Tradition”. It is the Montgomery family who frequently go to New Plymouth’s Belt Rd Seaside Holiday Park as their family tradition for 72 years already. Yes, you’ve heard it right. They have been visiting the place for 72 years already. One of the family members brings a caravan while the others would stay and sleep inside the tent. They do lots of activities like boating and fishing. They appreciate watching the kids having a great time and playing together. They are the first people who are happy when they know that the place’s future is already secured.

I wanted it to be like this. I wish my family and the family of the son in the future will be able to maintain a great tradition like this. I am really proud that I am a camper because it builds a strong family.

To read the story in detail, click here:


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