Messing about on the riviera: A family camping trip with gold-medal aspirations

Line of young sailors going for a ride in the harbor of Collioure, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Since I love being with my family, I have read another story from Mail Online which is written by Nick Fagge. Nick states how he has messed up during his childhood years when it comes to sailing. In fact, he would even curl up. But he is given a second chance and this time, he is more successful. Together with his whole family, they travel to the South of France which is a perfect summer destination. Instead of being afraid, he tries sailing again. He enjoys it this time. He also tries cycling while his wife and his child are happy with their own activities. Overall, they have a good time with lots of happy memories.

Are you afraid of trying to do something like extreme sports or like what Nick had experienced? Perhaps, this is the perfect time for you to conquer your fear and be successful. Why not make it a challenge? Well, I guess good luck for all of us. By trying, we would able to know our strength and weaknesses.

You can read the whole story and view the beautiful pictures here:



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