Different Types of Camping

Camping is such a nice experience. Whether you will camp with your family, friends, or individually, camping will surely give you a once in a lifetime experience which can be memorable. If you are just new to camping, there are many types which you can choose from. When choosing, this depends on your preferences as well as your available camping gears. Let’s take a look of the different camping types and see which you will like to try:

  • Tent Camping

tent camping

This is the most common type of camping. Do you have a tent? If you do, you can bring it and camp in the beach, park, and other professionally managed campsites. You can even do camping in your backyard as long as you have a tent. But before camping with your tent, make sure that you know how to set it up. If you are going to use it for the first time, you should try it out first in your house before bringing it in the campsite. In this way, it will be easier for you to set it up once you are in the campsite as you are prepared for it.

  • Backpacking and hiking


Some also love to hiking and backpacking. This is somehow similar to tent camping as you will need to use a tent where you are stay. Perhaps, the only difference is you will have to hike. Usually, people who love this activity will choose a place in the middle of the woods or in the mountains. This can be adventurous and risky too. So, proper preparation and safety precautions are badly needed.

  • RV or trailer Camping



If you are looking for comfort while camping, then, this type is the best one for you. However, you will need a vehicle like one of those camper trailers in Australia or a caravan. With a camper trailer, you will have to tow it. At the back of your car is where you will place all of your camping gears. Usually, it comes with a tent. You will have to set up the tent and it is just connected to your car. On the other hand, a caravan car can give you more comfort since you will no longer need to set up the tent. Your car will be your temporary home. Depending on the van, you will already have your own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. All you have to is to park it in your campsite. But you will have to invest more time, money, and effort in looking as well as in maintaining these kinds of vehicles. In remote areas, these vehicles may not be allowed.

  • Glamping


I guess this is the newest type of camping trip. Many people don’t like to camp because they don’t want to leave the comfort which they can find from their homes. They think that camping may mean going back to the old times when you have to use the wood and fire in cooking your food. Most probably, because of this, many people have invented glamping.

Glamping is when you camp with all the comfort in the world. It seems like you are just staying in a hotel where you can relax, eat delicious meals, and sleep in a soft and comfortable bed. This means, you will no longer need to set up your tent, to create a campfire, and to do other usual activities in a traditional camping. But for those who are looking for adventure, this may not be their best choice.


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