Gardening: Managing invasive plants

Aside from planting, it is also important that we will know how to remove invasive and exotic plants. In one article from by Eileen Ward, she emphasizes the importance of dealing with invasive plants.

The cause of the formation of invasive plants is when nonnative plants come to the land and spread on natural areas. They tend to replace the native plants which can be dangerous. The natural ecosystem will be disturbed.

As for me, you should identify which plants are native and nonnative. In this way, you will be able to know which plants you should remove or retain. You can manually remove the plants or use herbicides and biological methods.

People should also be educated about this. In this way, the native plants will be preserved. Of course, can you just imagine if these plants which should be on your own land will all be gone? Read the whole article so that you will learn more ways how to deal with invasive plants by just clicking here.



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