Top Reasons Why You Should Have An Evening Garden

There is no doubt that a garden can do lots of advantages for you and for the environment. However, if you are a busy person, you may not have lots of time to stay, monitor, and just enjoy in your garden. That’s why an evening garden is the best solution to this. In this article, you will discover so many good things about having an evening garden and let’s name them one by one below:

  • It gives you the chance to enjoy your garden anytime, especially at night.

garden at night

Nowadays, everybody seems to be busy with work, with school, and other daily activities. This will hinder you from having enough time to see the beauty of your garden at day time. And, when you reach home at night, all of your plants seem to sleep on their own. But if you have an evening garden, you will appreciate your garden even if it is already at night time. There are different night blooming plants which you can add.

  • It gives your peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

evening garden

Of course, you may feel tired after you have worked all day long. An evening garden can be your outlet where you can relax and feel the peace of the night. You can stay here while watching the stars. To make the most out of it, make sure to add a bench or a patio table set where you can sit and stay. In the end, you deserve nothing but the best in your house. Perhaps, this reason alone may want you to go home early.

  • It is a good place for a small gathering, party, or a date.


Going to a restaurant just to celebrate any occasion with your loved ones can be time-consuming and costly. Plus, you may get stuck on the traffic which may also ruin your moment together. Instead of going out, you can use your evening garden as a perfect place for dinner. You can set a dinner date with your special someone. Since the flowers bloom at night, it will look more romantic and attractive. The moment will become more intimate. In the same way, for a small gathering or a family event, it is nice to have it in your garden as long as the weather is good. You and your family will enjoy the fresh air and magical ambiance that an evening garden may bring. Any conversations will surely be enjoyed. Of course, if you will hold the party in a restaurant, you may also get all the noise from the other customers. Thus, while talking you may not be able to understand the discussion.

  • It makes your home look attractive.


Isn’t it nice that your home will look attractive whether it is at night or at day time? You will get your neighbor’s eyes mesmerize by the beauty of your garden. Especially at night, your garden will look like a paradise if you will add more decorations and lights. It would also increase the value of your home. In fact, when I see someone having an evening garden, the house look attractive even if it only has a simple design. There are also houses which are not big; but they are enhanced because of an evening garden.

  • There are many flowers or plants to choose from.

evening plants

Looking for night blooming flowers and plants is not a difficult task. There are wide options which you can have. You can choose from the annuals such as the Nicotiana, N. alata, N. sylvestris, and cleome. You can also plant herbs like garlic chives, lavender, sage, and artemesia. You can also choose among the perennial plants like white scaveola, white verbena, acidanthrus (a tender summer bulb); variegated scented geranium ‘Charity,’ and Sedum ‘Frosty Morn.’ The list goes on and on.

  • There are night blooming flowers which provide scented smell.


One of the best examples is the Jasmine flowers. They bloom at night and they provide sweet smell to the entire garden which can help you relaxed even more. The lavender also produces fragrance. Studies show that they can improve the way you think and feel. By just imagining them, it already gives me pleasure; how much more if you are in the center of your own evening garden.

Next week, I will be talking more about evening garden like what are the things to consider before you can start.


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