The Different Night Blooming Plants Which You Can Add For Your Evening Garden

Isn’t it lovely to stay outside with a cool breeze of the air and beautiful blooming flowers? That’s one of the best benefits which you can enjoy if you have an evening garden. In fact, some of these flowers can give you great scents which are relaxing for you. Are you excited to know these plants? Kindly read below:

Night Bloom Water Lilies

water liliesDo you have a small pond in your garden? If yes, instead of living it empty, try to add the night bloom water lilies. Their colors are usually pink and purple. They would just bloom at night which enhances the beauty of your pond, especially if you have light effects on it. They have beautiful and large petals.

Moonflowers moonflower

They are called moonflowers because they just bloom in moonlight. They have white or pink flowers. When the night comes, they would begin to bloom, and they would close their petals as soon as the sun hits them. As much as possible, you should plant them when it is new moon or when the moon in increasing.

Licorice Plants

licorice plants

They produce blue, white, and purple flowers which enhances the beauty of your garden. They give elegant look, especially at night. As much as possible, plant them in containers so that you can admire their looks even more. They are considered as annual or perennial type of plants. Another good thing about these plants is that they are easy to maintain.

Trumpet Lilies

trumpet lilies

They are called trumpet lilies because their petals form like trumpets. They can provide continuous colors, especially if you will plant varieties of them. When planting, you have to make sure that there is a well-drained soil. After the flowers have bloomed, you should remove them as part of their maintenance. You will also love their scent.

Evening Primrose

evening primrose

Originally, evening primrose come from North America; but as years pass by, they are also found in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. They produce yellow flowers only at night. They are very useful in the fields of medicine because almost all of its parts are used to treat many disease conditions.

Night Gladiolus

Night Gladiolus

They give yellow flowers with sweet-smell fragrance. If you are living in a dense location with heavy rainfall, you should have these plants as this is what they want. They also thrive near the sea levels and elevated places. But be careful because some of their parts can be irritating for the skin and poisonous.

Four O’ Clocks

Four O’ Clocks

They bloom late afternoon. They are considered as annual type of plants which may need from full to partial exposure under the sun. Usually, they bloom during summer and spring. They provide red, yellow, pink, blue, and white flowers. They are great for hedges and barriers. When they are opened, they produce sweet smell.

These are just a few among the examples. There are wide varieties of evening plants for your garden. This depends on your preferences as well as the needs of the evening flowers. Next week, we will tackle how to start having an evening garden. See you next week!


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