Gardening with Joshua Siskin: Hardy, water-thrifty plants for sunny spots


There are many tips when it regards to gardening. But despite all of these tips, sometimes, it is still difficult to determine which one to follow. From, Joshua Siskin who is a garden columnist was asked several questions about gardening. He shared willingly some tips which are useful for gardeners, particularly to plants who may not need to be watered frequently even if they are in a sunny spot. One question there was by Sonia Draper, from Chatsworth. She had a problem with what flowers to plant along her driveway which does not need frequent watering even if they are exposed under the heat of the sun all day long. She also said that everything she has planted there was all burned up, especially during summer. The columnist suggested her to plant rosemary and bougainvillea since they can still thrive even if there is no water for more than a week.

There are still other tips which you may find interesting useful from his article and you can visit it here:


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