Night Blooming Plants That Smells Good

One thing I love about evening garden is because you will have the chance to choose the flowers which are not only look beautiful at night; but they also produce sweet smell which can make your stay in your garden more enjoyable and memorable. Last week, The Different Night Blooming Plants Which You Can Add For Your Evening Garden was discussed. But today, we will talk about those flowers which also produce scents only at night. In this way, you will have lots of options as to which among them you should add in your garden.

Fairy Lilies

fairy lilies

You should place this flower directly under the heat of the sun or in partly shady area. During summer, the yellow petals will appear, particularly during at night. You will love its scent as it can help you relax, especially when the environment has a cool breeze. But during winter, you need to protect them by putting them inside your house so that they won’t die.

Garden Heliotrope

Garden Heliotrope

Another way to fill the air in your garden with sweet scent is through Garden Heliotrope. Its flowers can give you pale pink to white color. It can be exposed directly under the heat of the sun or in shady part. The flowers bloom during midsummer. It needs water regularly; however, you shouldn’t overdo it. Your garden will not only look and smell great; but it can also attract bees as well as beautiful butterflies.

Night Phlox

Night Phlox

Night Phlox can give you white flowers as soon as the sun sets down. It is a unique plant. Its smell is so sweet like candy. Most probably, even young kids will love it. This is one of the South African’s pride. It is also easy to maintain. It also has the ability o attract bees and butterflies.

Evening Stock

evening stock

This is an old fashioned annual which produces sweet smell. In fact, it can give you a vanilla-like scent. I just can imagine being surrounded by these flowers after working at day time. It will surely feel good. It grows in place with cold weather and it needs full sun exposure in order to live. You can plant this by sowing. Try to distribute them on the soil. You will notice germination within two to three weeks. This plant needs moisture. That’s why it is best to put mulch around it. Don’t forget to add fertilizer.



Its scientific name is Polianthes tuberosa. It can give you unique bloom and intoxicating scent. This flower originates from South America. It has a spicy and sweet scent. In fact, its oil is also sold because of its fragrance. Many couples, who are preparing for their wedding day, choose this flower. When planting, you should see to it that the place is sunny and the soil has a good drainage. Each of the bulbs should have proper spacing from one another. Lastly, each season the plant should have fertilizer to keep them health at all times.





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