Why You Should Grow Your Own Herb Garden?

herbs gardenHerbs are great to have in your house. You can plant them indoor or outdoor. They can do lots of benefits for you. What I love about having them is that they are very flexible and useful. Below are some of the reasons why you should plant your own herbs in your garden:

They are cook’s best friends

Isn’t it that herbs can do lots of things when you cook? If you love to cook food, most probably, you don’t want cook without adding herbs. Different herbs can make your food tastes delicious and smells food. Aside from that, they are also nutritious to be added to any kinds of meals. Below are the common herbs which are used to add flavor to foods:


Basil use for Italian recipes especially pasta

Bay leaf use for stews and soups

Bay leaf use for stews and soups

Cilantro use for Mexican recipes and salads

Cilantro use for Mexican recipes and salads


Oregano for meat and poultry dishes


Rosemary for grilled meat and poultry dishes

They bring lots of health benefits

Herbs are great source of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants can help you in fighting against cancer cells. Aside from they can also help you prevent heart disease. Having herbs in your own garden is not difficult and expensive to have; and yet, they prevent you from spending more money, time, effort as well as from having emotional stress when you or one of your family members are suffering sickness.

Herbs also have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation will be alleviated with regular intake of herbs. So, if one of your family members has allergies or other health condition, this is enough reason for you to have your own herb garden.

They help in weight management. Many experts have believed that herbs can give you satiety after each meal which can help you manage your weight. In fact some of them have the power to boost the metabolism of the individuals. Since the food is very fulfilling, you will have the chance that you will eat fewer calories.

They can make you feel relaxed. Lavender is known for this. In fact, many studies have shown that lavender can make a person, who is depressed, calm and relax. This can also help those people who are suffering from anxiety attack. You also have heard some of herbs which are added to beauty skin care products because of their ability to make your skin look healthy.

Other herbs which have health benefits are:

Cinnamon which can regulate blood sugar levels

Cinnamon which can regulate blood sugar levels

Oregano has the highest anti-oxidant content

Oregano has the highest anti-oxidant content

Rosemary has anti inflammatory properties

Rosemary has anti inflammatory properties


Ginger also has anti-oxidant

Growing herbs in your garden can make you feel satisfied

Herbs are not difficult to maintain. They don’t have too much requirements just for them to grow. Despite this, they can give you enormous benefits which can really make you feel satisfied every time you’ll use them. Plus, it makes you feel valued since you can go outside and enjoy what you have planted and worked hard.

They are accessible

Having your own herb garden can give you the access to different kinds of herbs anytime you want. You will no longer need to go to any local super market just to get them. Plus, they are always fresh when being used, since you can pick them up instantly. This will also give you the peace of mind knowing that there are no harmful chemicals or insecticides added to your herbs.

Lastly, just think of how many dollars will you able to save each year if you have an herb garden at home. This is often true if you are always adding herbs in your meals. So, what are you waiting for? You should start your own herb garden now. Please leave a comment if you agree or kindly share this to your friends and loved ones.


One thought on “Why You Should Grow Your Own Herb Garden?

  1. Do you have any tips for growing potted herbs indoors? I’ve never had much luck with this — they’ve always wilted, dried up, or just haven’t produced anything. I’ve found that my basil usually does pretty well, but things like cilantro (my favorite) want nothing to do with my windowsills. Thanks!
    -Emily K.

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