5 Natural Detox Drink Recipes

What I love about gardening is you will also learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. In this way, I would have many years to be with my family. If you have your own garden, you can use the available fruits and vegetables to make a detox drink. E.C. LaMeaux from life.gaiam.com, he stated 5 natural detox drink recipes which you can also use.

fruit detox

First, try to cleanse your system with lemonade. Lemonade contains ascorbic acid. You can drink 6 t0 8 glasses during the cleansing and you should not eat so that it will be totally, absorbed. Second, you can also drink the fresh cranberry juice. In fact, studies have shown that this drink can help alleviate urinary tract infection, and ulcer. Lastly, you can combine lots of fruits to detox your body. you can use orange, strawberry, and lemon juice.

There are still other recipes which you should check out from this site here.


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