Raised Bed Gardening – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Growing in containers is just similar with raised bed gardening. In raised bed gardening, the soil is higher than the surface. Thus, the plants will be able to go deeper down the ground. You will find lots of advantages and disadvantages in raised bed gardening.

raised bed garden

The Advantages

  • It improves the soil.

It would benefit for those who have poor, sandy, rocky, or wet soil. It provides good air to the root since you will be able to prevent from stepping down the soil. You will also have the chance to get good quality soil with the right fertilizer. The soil will get all the nutrients that it needs. Different plants will have different needs when it regards to the soil. You can also have an earlier harvest since the soil may get warm during spring time.

  • It provides proper drainage.

If you will compare it to ordinary garden, raised beds will have proper drainage as it can take away excess water or moisture. Thus, the plant roots will have more chance to breathe properly.

  • It is beneficial for those who have limited space.

You can still increase the productivity in your plants, particularly the vegetables even if you have limited space because you can closely place them together. This can be effective for you to plant vegetables no matter if your garden space is just small.

  • There is no waste when water, fertilizer, and mulch will be applied.

This is because you know exactly where to put the water, fertilizer, and mulch which your plants need. Thus, there are no wastes. Your time, effort, as well as your money when buying the fertilizer will all be useful.

  • It will be more convenient for you as the gardener.

There will be less weeding because there will be less light in each bed which will hinder the weeds to grow. It is also easier for you to maintain them. Like for instance, you can take care of one bed at a time. You can also distribute the role of taking care of each bed to your family members. If you are already old to do gardening, raised bed gardening can be the right one for you. It is friendlier and healthier for your back or when you have arthritis. A raised bed garden is very accessible.

  • It improves the way your garden looks.

It makes your garden look more organized, neat, and clean. You can even add trellis, A-frames, and other structures which can be used to support the plants. You can even put a greenhouse effect or a net to protect the plants for more production. There are many websites which even provide DIY raised bed ideas.

raised bed gardening

The Disadvantages

  • It dries out garden during summer.

Although it gives proper drainage, it dries out easily during summer. That’s why you need to be careful when watering the plants during this season. The plants may die. You also need to mulch them so that they can survive the heat and dryness.

  • It provides poor air circulation.

Because the plants are grown closely to each other, there is a tendency that each of them won’t receive the right air requirement. When the plants don’t receive adequate air, they may also die because they may acquire diseases or they may rot.

  • It is costly.

You need lots of soil to fill each bed. If you don’t have enough soil in your area, you may need to buy it. This is just the same with the fertilizer. You may need to buy it as well.

  • Without proper planning, everything will fail.

You should think of the requirements which the plants need. You may join together plants with different requirements. Like for example, some short plants which need full sunlight may be shaded because you have joined the tall and short plants.

Do you have more ideas about the various advantages and disadvantages of raised bed gardening? Perhaps, you may want to share them with us by leaving a comment below.



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