Raised Bed Gardening – The Things To Consider

Not all garden or even garden owners will love the idea of having a raised bed garden. Of course, if you really want to be successful, you need have a proper plan before implementing it. Some of the gardeners may fail because of being impulsive when it regards to decision making. However, if you will become successful to this one, you will also enjoy the benefits and the harvest.

raised bed garden

The Area and the space

Although it is space saver to have a raised bed garden, you still need to think of your area and the space that you have. Each box must have an accurate distance away from each other.  You cannot just place the boxes anywhere you want. When thinking of the area, you may also be able to determine the number of boxes that you will have. Plus, the plants will also have more chance to grow and to move. This would also give you that ability to access each box easily. Just imagine if your boxes don’t have adequate distances, you will have difficulty accessing them when pruning, watering, and for over all maintenance.

The size and shape of the boxes

The size and shape of your boxes should fit to the overall space in your garden. You can have a perfect box shape or a rectangular shape. You should carefully measure each box. As much as possible, you should put everything into writing so that you won’t miss a thing. You can even research in the internet for some great plans and free measurements for you to follow.

The materials

This is also important. You can’t just use any other kinds of materials. You need to use the right and durable materials. Although you can use ordinary wood, it is much better to use cedar because this will last longer. However, it will cost you more. You can also use stones but again expect for higher price. You should also use a wood sealer so that the beds will last longer. As for me, although these are a bit expensive, you will save more in the long run since you won’t always do the repair or the replacement.

The land or ground

It is best to have a level ground so that you can place the boxes evenly too. Just imagine that you would place your raised bed in a slight slope. Most probably, your soil will go down too. This will look awkward. The best thing to do is to make adjustment so that everything will become even.

The irrigation system


Of course, your plants will need proper water supply. You can use soaker hoses. You should put your water line under the mulch so that the water won’t evaporate easily. It is a bad idea to use sprinkler because the water will go into the leaves which may promote diseases.

The sunlight

See to it that the beds are in their proper places when it comes to the sunlight requirements of the plants. There are plants which need full sunlight exposure while others need partial exposure. Before you put the plants into the boxes, you should research about the requirements of each plant. You can also have taller plants to give shade to those plants, which won’t thrive in a full exposure to sunlight.

The plants

Although you can plant different crops on the boxes, it is still best to select those plants with the same requirements. In this way, you will be more successful, especially when it regards to maintaining them. You should also make it a habit to have a crop rotation. This will improve the quality of your garden.

The compost

Compost is important for your plants. See to it that you will have a compost bin near the plants so that you can easily use them when you need it too. This will nourish your plants. Although you can buy compost, it is still more practical to make your own. See to it that you have enough space in your garden for your compost bin.


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