Beautiful Garden Sheds

A few people often neglect the value of having a garden shed. I am one of them before. But later on, the more I acquire many things in my house, the more I realize that I need more storage space. But since my garage is already filled, I need to look for another alternative. This is where I found out about garden sheds. It shouldn’t be an eyesore in your garden since you can have a design that would look great and unique. I have researched some of these unique sheds and here they are below:

Parkside garden: ivy-covered garden office

shed garden

Did you know that a garden shed can be used as an office? This would surely give you enough peace of mind to work, especially if inside the house you have your kids and pets which can distract you. This is a lovely ivy-encased art studio in San Francisco. It is created by Scott Lewis Landscape Architecture. Click here to see the full detail:

Greenhouses Made With Salvaged Windows


Indeed, in gardening you will have the chance to use your creativity and imagination. You can even have the chance to recycle. I have found a great garden shed which is made from recycled stuff from Old windows, doors, and many more are used to build this greenhouse.

Random Tiny Houses

garden shed

A shed can be transformed into a tiny house. This can be an extra room for your guests or for the other members of the family. You will love by how these tiny houses look like from

It’s time for the big unveiling


This garden shed is really cute and stylish. I love the window sill on it and the flowers. This is a playhouse for a little girl. The inside of it is really cute too. It feels like the girl will surely feel like a princess. Check it out here

Cheap Sheds

Tecoma 1.9m x 1.2m x 2.45m Gable Roof Timber Shed

If you want a simple timber shed, you may visit You can use it as an extra room or as storage for your extra stuff and gardening tools. This can be worth it of your investment.

Best Shed Redo: After

updated shed with columns and deck chairs

This shed is owned by Lynn Boughton. It was a dull and plain shed. But the couple decided to transform it and make it as a focal point in their garden. I guess by just watching this shed, they have become successful in transforming it. No doubt, the shed looks attractive and relaxing. This is from


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