Beautiful Beaches In Australia

Have you even been to Australia? If you haven’t, then, it is good to consider this place as your next vacation destination. Australia is a rich country, not just economically. It is also rich in natural resources, beautiful sceneries, culture, and lovely people like me (lols).

If you are planning to be here one of these days, here are the beautiful beaches in Australia:

Bondi Beach


It is located in Sydney, New South Wales. The beach is one of the most favorites of surfers. During summer, you can see that the beach is overcrowded. Because the beach has become popular, cafes and restaurants are also developed to cater the needs of the people. Last 2007, the largest swimsuit photo shoot was held in this beach which made it to Guinness World Record with more than 1000 women in their swimsuit attire.

Byron Bay Beach


It is located in Northern New South Wales. It is also a perfect place for surfers. This beach in not yet overcrowded since it is not fully developed. But cafes and restaurants are present for your convenience. You will love its clean water. It is also the best place to watch whales, especially from July to August.

Mandalay Beach

Mandalay Beach

It is found in Western Australia. The beach belongs to an isolated location. Because of this, its beauty is remained untouched. You will love hiking along the seashore and the watching the rocky headlands. Its name was derived from a Norwegian Shipwreck last 1911. In fact, the skeleton of the ship is still visible when it is low tide.

Pirate’s Bay

pirates bay

It is found in Tasmania. If you are thinking of beautiful beaches, then you would most probably think of Tasmania. Pirate’s Bay has a rocky coastline. This is also a perfect place for surfing. You are lucky if you own a property near the place since you will have the chance to enjoy the beach, particularly during summer. It is strongly recommended to have your booking ahead of time. Going there can be rough and tough; but the scenery will really give you satisfaction.

75 Mile Beach

75 mile

It is located in Fraser Island Queensland. It is considered as the World’s Largest Sand Island. You will love its sands that show different colors. It is named 75 mile because it is 75 miles long. Its sand and beach is constantly moving. It is a great place for walking, fishing, and off road riding.

Whitehaven Beach


This place seems to be a paradise with clear blue water and pure white sand. It is surrounded with reefs. It is often referred to as silica sand. This means that the sand is very soft to touch that you may not feel the heat once your feet step on it.

There are still other beautiful beaches in Australia and they are all waiting for you to explore them. But before you go to each of them, make sure that you will carefully plan everything. It is best to do some research about the place and the accommodation that you can avail. These beaches may sometimes be fully occupied, especially during peak season.


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