The World’s Most Famous Swimming Pools

Swimming in a pool is loved by most people of all ages. If you have a pool at home, you can enjoy swimming anytime you want. But having it is a big responsibility. You need to take care of it to maintain its cleanliness and beauty. Aside from that, you also need to spend more on the maintenance, including the tools and equipment. For your pool pump cover needs, you may find this link useful:

Nowadays, there are world’s most famous swimming pools. You may be inspired by how beautiful and unique their designs are.

The Park Hyderabad


This is found in India. It is one of the best features of the hotel Park Hyderabad. You will the overlooking Hussian Saggar Lake. The water is in violet color which matches the furniture around the swimming pool. In fact, by just watching the picture, I can already sense how relaxing it is to be in the pool.

The Library

 The Library

This is located in Koh Samui in Thailand. This is a very unique swimming pool because the color is in red. It seems like somebody died on the pool. But actually, the red color is because of its mosaic glass tiles in orange, yellow and blood red. Thus, the water reflects as if it is blood. In front of the pool is wonderful scenery of the sea.

Alila Uluwatu

 Alila Uluwatu

This is located in Bali, Indonesia. As you all know, Bali Indonesia is famous when it comes to tourist destination. This pool seems to float in space. Its edge looks like it’s very dangerous to go near to it as you might fall. But actually it can give you comfort.

Huvafen Fushi

 Huvafen Fushi

This is found in Maldives. You will love its illuminating and attractive lights. It has 1,000 lights which are really amazing. It is often used as a venue for international fashion show. Aside from that, its water is said to have minerals which are best for healing.

Nandana Villa


This is another great swimming pool from Bahamas. It seems like the pool is connected to Atlantic. It is private and quiet. If you want a place for relaxation where you don’t want to be surrounded with the crowd, this is a place where you should go.

Paresa Phuket


This is another pool from Thailand. You will have an overlooking of the Andaman Sea. What you may love about this is the chance for you to have a fine dining. This is a romantic place for couples or lovers.

Punta Tragara

 Punta Tragara

It is located in Capri, Italy. You will have the chance to enjoy the scenery of Faraglioni rocks. This pool is part of the famous luxury hotel on the island.

There are still other swimming pools which are not mentioned here. Each of them has different features. You are fortunate if you will have the chance to see or visit even one of them.


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