10 Tips for Spring Gardening on the Cheap

In gardening, you need to spend money, especially if you have to buy the plants from the nursery store. Aside from that, you also need to pay for the maintenance. I am fortunate that I have found this useful article which is written by Julia Scott from mint.com. First, instead of buying planters and containers for your plants, you may try to make your own. There are lots of things inside your house which you can use as your DIY planters. In fact you can use old plastic bottles, soda bottles, and even tires as your planters. You can just design them with colorful paintings. Instead of you will buy plants and seeds, try to make a swap with other gardeners. Do not buy weed killers from the supermarket because you can also make your own. It is more natural, environment friendly, and safe for you.

Forking the veg patch


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