Hi There!

I am Samantha and I am married with one child. I live in Australia. Aside from being busy taking care of my family, I also love to travel, to have camping, to do gardening, and everything that is adventurous. I want to do it with my husband and my son so that when my son grows up, he will have memories from us that he will surely cherish. Plus, maybe he would then do the same to his little kids in the future!

This blog is dedicated to everybody who loves adventure! Stay with me and I hope that all of you will enjoy this blog! For any questions, suggestions, and opinions, you may email me at WrightSamantha35@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Samantha, I love your attitude … and your blog! Your post on the Loch Ness Glamping was great – wish they’d had that when I was there. I look forward to reading lots more. All the Best, Terri

  2. Hi Samantha, I just noticed your post on gardening helping diabetics but there doesn’t seem to be a way to comment on that one post. I agree gardening does help; my parents in their early 70s garden intensely. The thing I need to share is that my father recently ELIMINATED his diabetes completely after reading the book WHEAT BELLY which I’d recommend to everyone, especially those battling diabetes. I have nothing to do with this book, but I have since read it and eliminated “Frankenwheat” from my diet.

    For veggie gardeners it is fairly easy to eliminate wheat. That is the ONLY THING my father did, and the result was the elimination of a long-standing thyroid disorder and the complete reversal of his diabetes.

    Everyone needs to know about the dangers of modern, genetically-modified and extensively hybridized wheat, which is effectively the only kind we get in our food these days. I don’t just jump on any ol’ bandwagon, but the matter of modern wheat and our health is very serious!

    • Hi patina. Thanks to that info. Indeed that would be useful for those who are suffering from diabetes. Let me research that book and featured it in my blog one of these days to help others. All the best!

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