Gardening For Kids

The important issues for obtaining any child thinking about gardening are to create it easy, make it worthwhile, make it colourful, make it educational, make it stimulating and above all make it fun.

I got in to gardening at an early age when my dad built me a wooden box filled it with soil and gave me some Freesia bulbs. I planted them and watched them develop and after that was amazed to see them flower. Once I got that result I was hooked. That’s the thing with gardening if you get a success it inspires you to keep going and maintain on expanding!

Here are a couple of common ideas to obtain your own kids inspired.

1. Start simply with seeds. Get a packet of cress or mustard seeds in the garden centre or DIY shop, then take an old margarine tub or Tupperware box, line it with damp tissue or kitchen roll and sprinkle the seeds on leading. Within days you’ll see them germinate and grow. Alternatively, why not get the kids to grow their very own runner beans in jam jars. Line the inside of an old jam jar with damp blotting paper and drop a bean seed down the side of it. Keep the paper damp and after that inside a week or so you’ll see the roots and shoots create, quickly followed by the leaves. You are able to even have competitions to determine how quickly your beans grow.

2. Provide your kid with their own planting region, their ‘own garden’. This can be a little patch in the garden or simply a plant pot outside the back door however it becomes their duty to look after it. Containers are a especially great concept as they can be moved about. Utilizing recycled containers can be just as efficient, even on a small scale like old yoghurt pots, tin cans or egg cartons. Make sure you also give your kid their own trowel and watering can so they are able to copy you as you work within the garden.

3. Stimulate the senses. Use brightly coloured flowers such as geraniums and petunias, use fragrant plants like sweet peas, mint, lavender and rosemary, use tactile plants like grasses and use edible plants like lettuce, carrot, tomatoes or strawberries.

4. Try some garden artwork. Get the children to decorate their very own plant pot or plant label or for some thing a bit various get them to paint a pebble that they are able to then put in the garden. Painting pens are good for this as they’re available in plenty of vibrant colours and not as messy as paint brushes.

5. Grow your own meals. Often kids are not too certain where some vegetables come from so why not get them to plant and appear following their own fruit and vegetables and then consume the results at the finish. Attempt planting small plug plants now and get the kids to frequently measure their development, watch them flower and see the fruit develop and ripen. Use it as a good learning tool to explain how plants develop and what they need to help keep them wholesome. You never know it might make them much more likely to eat their greens. Great vegetables to try are carrots, particularly the much more colourful ones, tomatoes to ensure that they can attempt to make their own tomato sauce and radishes as they germinate so rapidly.

6. Make it competitive – It’s usually enjoyable to determine who can grow the tallest sunflower or longest runner bean and it gives you a great excuse to keep going out into the garden to measure them.

7. Use simple to grow flower seeds. If you get great outcomes, then you definitely are more most likely to help keep gardening so select reliable plants like cosmos, candytuff, adore inside a mist, evening scented stocks , cornflowers and sunflowers.

8. Develop plants to attract wildlife. Plants like buddleia and lavender are fantastic for attracting butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects and with out them we wouldn’t get all the fruit, flowers and vegetables that all of us enjoy.

9. You can also attract wildlife in to the garden by building a bug hotel with old logs and straw, or simply by developing a compost heap. Frequently children are more thinking about discovering worms, slugs and ladybirds than growing plants so make certain there’s someplace in the garden exactly where they are able to find them and after that you can explain the benefits of insects as well as other beneficial organisms.

10. Be conscious that some plants are not as kid friendly as others so usually read the label. Steer clear of foxgloves and oleanders.

Gardening with kids doesn’t have to be costly and not just is it a great learning chance for the entire family but it also gets the kids outside, so why not give it a go. Start on a small scale having a plant pot and a couple of seeds and see what develops.

How To Attract Butterflies In 6 Easy Steps?

I guess most people are attracted to see butterflies in the garden. Aside from that, they are also good pollinators for your flower. Did you know that you can attract butterflies when you have butterfly feeders in your garden? Although you can buy them in any garden stores, you can also make your own version. That’s why I like this DIY butterfly feeders in 6 easy steps. You can access the entire steps in this blog:





21 Expert Organic Lawn Care Tips

One of the most important parts in your garden is your lawn. Aside from taking care of your flowers and plants, you should also maintain your lawn, particularly the growing grasses. But as much as possible, you should try to use the organic ways so that it would be friendlier for the environment.


You should think of your soil as alive. They also need to eat food through fertilizers and to drink water. If you will think this way, you will be able to provide what your soil needs. You may get used of spreading lime. But be careful on this as there are some precautions which you need to take.

You can visit for the complete list of these tips.

How To Make a Raised Bed Garden?

If you don’t have a good soil in your garden, the best option that you can have is the raised bed garden. Instead of planting your vegetables, flowers, and other types of plants on the ground, you would build above ground which gives you more control and access on the soil and plants. Below are tips which you may apply when making a raised bed garden:

raised bed

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10 Tips for Spring Gardening on the Cheap

In gardening, you need to spend money, especially if you have to buy the plants from the nursery store. Aside from that, you also need to pay for the maintenance. I am fortunate that I have found this useful article which is written by Julia Scott from First, instead of buying planters and containers for your plants, you may try to make your own. There are lots of things inside your house which you can use as your DIY planters. In fact you can use old plastic bottles, soda bottles, and even tires as your planters. You can just design them with colorful paintings. Instead of you will buy plants and seeds, try to make a swap with other gardeners. Do not buy weed killers from the supermarket because you can also make your own. It is more natural, environment friendly, and safe for you.

Forking the veg patch

Beautiful Garden Sheds

A few people often neglect the value of having a garden shed. I am one of them before. But later on, the more I acquire many things in my house, the more I realize that I need more storage space. But since my garage is already filled, I need to look for another alternative. This is where I found out about garden sheds. It shouldn’t be an eyesore in your garden since you can have a design that would look great and unique. I have researched some of these unique sheds and here they are below:

Parkside garden: ivy-covered garden office

shed garden

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5 Beautiful Ways to Use Succulents

One of the best things that you can do in your garden is to have succulents. Carrie, who is an author from, has stated the different creative ways to use succulents. First, you should use a unique container. The container plays an important role when it regards to how the plants will grow and appear. One of the examples she uses is the seashell. You should try vertical garden. Succulent is best for vertical garden since it does not need so much soil and water. Lastly, you can use glass containers. You can even recycle your old glasses. This can also be perfect as a centerpiece in your table. Check out the other ways here.


Raised Bed Gardening – The Things To Consider

Not all garden or even garden owners will love the idea of having a raised bed garden. Of course, if you really want to be successful, you need have a proper plan before implementing it. Some of the gardeners may fail because of being impulsive when it regards to decision making. However, if you will become successful to this one, you will also enjoy the benefits and the harvest.

raised bed garden

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Top 15 cool accessories for your garden

garden accessories

Accessories in your garden are also important although your garden may still be established without them. They have the power to attract not just your guests or neighbors’ attention; but they can also attract birds and other beneficial insects. Stefania Del Zotto has beautifully presented the 15 cool accessories for any garden. First is the egg bird house which really looks unique. The second one is the digging dog garden ornament. Most probably, you will be fooled because it looks real. Last but not the least is the solar flower lights. These are great additional in your garden especially at night. The rest of these cool accessories can be accessed here: