How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds


Given the right conditions, weeds will grow anywhere. They are by nature opportunistic and will quickly invade where suitable conditions arise. Unfortunately, this also includes any thin or weak areas in your lawn.

When it comes down to providing the ideal weed conditions in your lawn, it will normally come about through simple neglect or incorrect lawn management. However, there may also be some underlying reasons that favour certain weeds such as a wet lawn, dry lawn, favourable pH, or lack of nutrition.

Irrespective of the reason why there are weeds in your lawn, there are only two effective methods of controlling them, either culturally or by the use of selective herbicides (weed killers), and fertilisers.

Cultural weed control

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds 2

If you decide not to confront the feasible underlying elements that may trigger weeds to grow inside your lawn, then your other choice is to spend out – year on year – for moss killers, chemical fertilisers and weed killers. Whilst this chemical mixture will only produce a short term effect, when applied correctly it’ll really function.

So prior to reaching for the wallet, you may wish to think about removing the weeds by hand – particularly if you will find only a couple of weeds which have made it through. Use a daisy grubber or slim width trowel to eliminate perennial weeds together with their tap roots – this method is ideal for the much more pernicious weeds like plantains, daisies, dandelions and thistles.

Furthermore, sticking to a great lawn upkeep program may also assist to help keep your lawn in optimum situation creating it much more difficult for weeds to get a foothold.

In serious case of weed infestation – and exactly where the quality of the lawn is such that is unlikely to be restored to any kind of quality – you may need to think about removing the existing lawn altogether and starting again from seed or turf (just make certain the weed problem is properly solved before you begin)!

Chemical control

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds 3

In some instances the weed problems you can get in lawns will be as well serious and widespread to create hand weeding a practical option.

If this really is the case then a selective weed killer may be your only viable choice to manage the weeds.

Probably the most important question to ask is when should lawn weed killers be applied? Why, simply because in order to function effectively the active ingredient within the weed killer requirements to become able to work its way down to the root from the plant to ensure that it can be killed outright.

This may only happen when the plants metabolism is actively functioning! Apply when the weeds are not expanding and you could nicely have wasted your money and time!

Usually speaking, the perfect time for weed manage us usually between April and September when each the grass and the weeds are expanding vigorously. However, avoid applying weed killer during the height of summer as your lawn will effectively be dormant while it copes using the stresses of heat and probable lack off water. In addition, applying any horticultural chemical substances throughout this period can result in a chemical scorch to your lawn.

How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds 4
TIP. For optimum results think about applying a nitrogen feed towards the lawn about per week or so before you decide to intend using a chemical weed killer. This may encourage a burst of strong growth which can significantly assist within the uptake of the weed killer chemical.. Actually numerous off-the-shelf weed killers can be bought having a chemical fertiliser already as a part of the mix – they are usually know as lawn ‘Weed and Feeds’

Whatever you do, Don’t USE A General Objective WEED KILLER In your LAWN. While it will successfully kill off your weeds, it’ll effectively kill off the grass in your lawn as well. You must use a particular broad leaved plant weed killer so that your grass remains unaffected and also the best way to make sure is to purchase a lawn weed killer that’s specially formulated to complete the job.

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