How To Attract Birds?

Birds are lovely to have in your garden. They add beauty to nature and they can also make you feel relaxed while you are in your garden. However, you may be wondering why there are still no birds visiting your place. Birds have their own needs like humans do. If you are able to provide these needs, they would most probably consider your garden as their second home.

Here are tips which can help you attract the birds, especially the wild birds:

Give them food to eat


When they have a good source of food, they will most probably want to visit and stay in your garden; most of the time, food sources come naturally. Some of them are seeds, nectar, fruits, insects, scraps, nuts, and suet. Sometimes, some of them may even eat your vegetables. You can check my other post which is How to Guard Your Garden From Pests to learn more. Different birds will be attracted to different kinds of food.

Give them Water to Drink


It is very important for birds to drink water. Without water, they may die immediately. You can install birds bath, misters, ponds, waterfalls, and streams for them. They are not the only one who will get the benefit of it. This is because this can also add attraction to your garden. Plus, water can also help you feel relaxed.

Birds can already detect flowing water even if they are afar. You just have to always remember that in purifying the water, you should not use any chemicals as these can be harmful for them.

Give them a House to Stay


The birds house should make them feel secured. They will most probably not choose a place where they can sense danger. Some of the best houses for them are trees, shrubs, scrub brush piles, and overgrown grassy areas.

It is also important for them to have their nesting place. You can also make nest for them like nesting boxes and decorative birdhouses.

Colors also attract birds


Birds have sensitive eyes. They can see different colors even if they are far. Different colors have different representation for them such as; bright colored fruit may indicate that it is ready for them to eat as it is already ripen; and also, bright colored flowers may mean for them as lots of nectar can be found on those flowers. Because of this, if you will choose the right color for your backyard, you will also have higher chances of attracting them.

Red and pink colors are loved by hummingbird. Orange attracts Orioles. Yellow captures Goldfinches and Warblers. Jays and bluebirds love blue. Those birds which are sensitive may get attracted to Camouflage colors such as gray, brown and dull green. The more different colors you’ll have in your garden, the more birds will get attracted.

But if you don’t want the birds to come naturally, you can always have them as long as you have reliable bird aviaries. You can collect as many as you can, provided that you will make sure that they are still comfortable in their homes.

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