Most Dangerous Places In The World

Although the world is filled with lots of wonders and beauties, there are still places where they are considered as dangerous. This only means that you are not allowed or you should not go to these places if you don’t want something bad happen to you or to your loved ones. This is interesting information as there are different places with the different reasons of why they are considered as dangerous.



To be particular, the Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is considered as dangerous. This is because this place is known for drug trafficking and crimes. Those who are involved would do the best that they can and this means that they are willing to kill lots of people just to accomplish their business of dealing the illegal drugs. In fact, even their police department is known for being corrupt.

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Rarest Flowers in the World

One of the best things when you love gardening is when you learn lots of things just like the rarest flowers in the world which can be very interesting. Indeed, we should be thankful since we are living in a world with lots of wonders and beauty. Below are the rarest flowers in the world:

Jade Vine

Jade Vine

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Top 5 Common Dangers When Camping

Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities which you can either do alone, with friends, or with family, especially if you have the best camper trailer and other important camping equipment. However, camping is not just about fun and excitement, although you can have lots of it. It is also about responsibility, determination, and awareness. Don’t you know that when you camp, you will always have the potential of facing danger? Yes! This is because you are away from home. Sometimes, you would even go to a place where you’ve never been before. Even when camping in National parks, you can’t still be sure that you will always be safe. However, there are safety precautions which you may follow so that possible dangers will be prevented. The initial step is to identify each of the common dangers of camping and they are listed below:

Wild Animals

bear in campsite

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Cool Rooftop Garden

nice rooftop gardenIn gardening, there is always a way. It doesn’t matter where you live. If you are really passionate in it, you can always plant flowers even if you are living in an urban area. In fact, your interest in gardening should rise up if you are in the heart of the city since pollution is highly prevalent. Below are some of the benefits of rooftop gardening together with the beautiful pictures that will surely amaze you.

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The Beautiful Brighton Beach

Are you looking for a great place to stay this summer? If you are then you should include Brighton beach as one of your choices. It is located in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is known as one of the cleanest beach in Australia. Finding for the best accommodation as well as the restaurants or cafes is not difficult as you can find lots of them on Bay Street which is a walking distance to the beachfront. You will find the different beach huts with beautiful colors. It is not yet well developed, that’s why you can really see clear water and yellow sand.

The “bathing boxes” or the colorful sheds serve as the icon of Melbourne. They are all privately owned. But sometimes (very rare) they are for sale. However, they are very costly and they are quickly sold.

Especially during summer, the beach is being patrolled by the lifesavers to ensure safety, particularly if you will bring your kids.


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