Reasons To Travel To Western Queensland

From the plethora of iconic culture pubs to visit to the abundance of local fauna, Sam has come up with 10 reasons to hit the Queensland outback.


1. The most important reason is that you enjoy travelling in the outback and go to see what life is like out there.

2. The best thing for us is meeting the resilient, laconic people who inhabit this harsh but beautiful landscape.

3. It is good for all of us to see where our food is produced and the difficulties farmers face in western areas.

4. It is wonderful to get away from the frenetic traffic on coastal highways for a while. There are a few road trains and cattle trucks, but they are fine if you give way to them as you should. Continue reading

High end camping in Nessie’s backyard = the perfect vacation


Who doesn’t want to take a vacation? In this crazy and busy world, everybody wants or should I say needs to have a vacation even for just a while. This is to relax and to forget how challenging life is. Meredith Woerner has written an article in Dreaming of having a vacation in Scotland? She talks about Loch Ness Glamping. You can now enjoy camping in style as long as you will look for Nessie while relaxing inside a custom-built Armadilla eco pods. You can check out the cabin. By just watching the pictures, I am already captivated and wish to try it.

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Types of Camping Tents and Tips For Choosing the Best one

Are you ready for your next camping trip? Do you already have a camping tent to use? If you don’t then you must read the whole article as this will give you tips about the different types of camping tents as well as how to choose the right one.

Tents are important in camping as this will give you a shelter. This is where you will sleep. That’s why you should choose the one which is durable and which will give you comfort. Aside from that, you should also make sure that it is easy to assemble so that you won’t have difficulties in the campsite. Below are the various types of camping tents:

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Different Types of Camping

Camping is such a nice experience. Whether you will camp with your family, friends, or individually, camping will surely give you a once in a lifetime experience which can be memorable. If you are just new to camping, there are many types which you can choose from. When choosing, this depends on your preferences as well as your available camping gears. Let’s take a look of the different camping types and see which you will like to try:

  • Tent Camping

tent camping

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Man hurt when gas bottle explodes

8207496An article which is written by Brooke Gardiner from the Southland times have stated about a man who gets hurt when his gas bottle explodes while camping. The incident happens in Glendhu Bay camping ground. He has received burns in his face, arms, and legs. He was then taken in the ambulance.

So when camping, it is important to ensure safety at all times. Some people who have witnessed the incident say that there must be some factors that cause the ignition. Perhaps, when using the gas bottle or anything that is flammable, never smoke so that it won’t cause any explosion. Many of them are thankful because it wasn’t windy on that day. Plus, the man was taken immediately so that he will be treated.

You can read the whole story here:


Camping Near Perth Australia


I am from Australia, so I really love reading articles from Australia too like the one which is written by freecampingaussie from Hubpages. By accident, they have discovered a great place near Perth Australia and this is the Wellington Dam. You will find cool honeymoon pool river which is great for families, friends, honeymooners, or couples. However, it is just for camping with a tent. You can make Bbq’s there with toilet and water facilities. You can also enjoy walking in the bush.

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Exploring The Parks: Camping In Dry Tortugas National Park


The world has lots of wonderful places to go. One of these is the Tortugas National Park in Florida as written by Danny Bernstein from You will the beach, the clear water, and the whole place. It is perfect for bird watching and snorkeling. You shouldn’t also miss to swim and to walk around. You will be captivated with its history. When camping, a boat will take you there. You must have everything that you need no matter how short your stay is.

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How To Keep Safe When Camping?

campingWhether you are going to camp alone or you are going to be with your family, camping will surely give you a great time. In order for you to make your camping adventure, more memorable, more fun, and safer, read the details below:

Do not hike alone

This may sound impossible as there are times when you would just want to be alone. But it is safer for you if you are going to hike with a companion. There is a great tendency that you will get lost, especially if you are amazed with the beauty of nature. Another possibility is you can get injured by slipping. In moments like these, it is best to have somebody whom you can rely on. Even if you have a mobile phone, you may not be able to use it in calling for help as signals may fade away.

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Messing about on the riviera: A family camping trip with gold-medal aspirations

Line of young sailors going for a ride in the harbor of Collioure, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Since I love being with my family, I have read another story from Mail Online which is written by Nick Fagge. Nick states how he has messed up during his childhood years when it comes to sailing. In fact, he would even curl up. But he is given a second chance and this time, he is more successful. Together with his whole family, they travel to the South of France which is a perfect summer destination. Instead of being afraid, he tries sailing again. He enjoys it this time. He also tries cycling while his wife and his child are happy with their own activities. Overall, they have a good time with lots of happy memories.

Are you afraid of trying to do something like extreme sports or like what Nick had experienced? Perhaps, this is the perfect time for you to conquer your fear and be successful. Why not make it a challenge? Well, I guess good luck for all of us. By trying, we would able to know our strength and weaknesses.

You can read the whole story and view the beautiful pictures here:


Camping a family tradition

Camping a family tradition

Perhaps, you have already known that one of my passions is camping with my hubby and with my son. We have been doing this for one year and we are hoping for more years of doing it. This is the reason why I love the story from which is written by Leighton Keith. It is all about “Camping a Family Tradition”. It is the Montgomery family who frequently go to New Plymouth’s Belt Rd Seaside Holiday Park as their family tradition for 72 years already. Yes, you’ve heard it right. They have been visiting the place for 72 years already. One of the family members brings a caravan while the others would stay and sleep inside the tent. They do lots of activities like boating and fishing. They appreciate watching the kids having a great time and playing together. They are the first people who are happy when they know that the place’s future is already secured.

I wanted it to be like this. I wish my family and the family of the son in the future will be able to maintain a great tradition like this. I am really proud that I am a camper because it builds a strong family.

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