How To Be A Guest Blogger?

Are you passionate about writing stuff regarding camping, gardening, traveling, and home improvement? Then, you can be my guest blogger as long as you follow the guidelines below:

  • The story or the article must be interesting, useful, and unique for the readers. Besides, they deserve to read good quality content.
  • Your post or article should not be merely an advertisement. You should also not write about, porn, gambling, illegal activities, and violence.
  • Make sure that your story or article is grammatically correct.
  • Make your article or story at least 500 words or more.
  • At the end of the article or story, you should include your bio as well as your Google+ profile and other social media site profiles so that the readers can reach you easily.
  • You can include up to two links in the article. You just have to make sure that it appears natural within the paragraph.
  • The links should not point to porn sites, gambling sites, and other spam sites to maintain my blog site clean and credible.
  • You should not spin or rewrite articles from the other websites. All articles are checked through or

Once your post is approved, I will try to email you as soon as possible. Thus, you need to use a valid email address. If not, you can check my blog every now and then to see if your post is accepted. All submission should be in my email at In your subject line, kindly put “guest blogger” so that I can prioritize it and it won’t go to my spam folders. Hoping to hear from you soon.


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