How To Attract Butterflies In 6 Easy Steps?

I guess most people are attracted to see butterflies in the garden. Aside from that, they are also good pollinators for your flower. Did you know that you can attract butterflies when you have butterfly feeders in your garden? Although you can buy them in any garden stores, you can also make your own version. That’s why I like this DIY butterfly feeders in 6 easy steps. You can access the entire steps in this blog:





Plants Which Are Safe For Your Bird Aviary

Do you have a bird aviary at home? Whether you place it inside or outside the house, the best way to decorate it and to entertain your birds is to add plants. However, you cannot just add any other plants. Make sure that they are safe for your birds.

Green Plants

This is good in both outdoor and indoor aviary. In fact, it is best for indoor aviary because it can improve the air circulation around the house for more refreshing air. Here are the green plants which you can add:

Corn plant

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Raised Bed Gardening – The Things To Consider

Not all garden or even garden owners will love the idea of having a raised bed garden. Of course, if you really want to be successful, you need have a proper plan before implementing it. Some of the gardeners may fail because of being impulsive when it regards to decision making. However, if you will become successful to this one, you will also enjoy the benefits and the harvest.

raised bed garden

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The Different Flowers That You Can Eat

Did you know that you can eat different flowers? This only proves that flowers are not just for decorations only. But not all flowers are edible. There are still others which aren’t. That’s why you still need to make sure that you are eating the right flowers. Another thing which you need to think about is that, some flowers are contaminated with harmful pesticides and chemicals. So, it is still better to sure and to be safe.

edible flowers

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How Aquaponic Works?


One of the best benefits that you can have from your garden is the chance to create aquaponics. In this way, the water from the fish tank which is rich in nutrients will still be useful. From, a diagram of how aquaponic works is illustrated. First, is the water from the fish tank will go to the grow bed. What happens in the grow bed is that the bacteria will be cultured. Thus, clean water will be produced which will eventually go back to the fish tank to benefit the fishes.

Check out the diagram here:

Raised Bed Gardening – The Advantages and Disadvantages

Growing in containers is just similar with raised bed gardening. In raised bed gardening, the soil is higher than the surface. Thus, the plants will be able to go deeper down the ground. You will find lots of advantages and disadvantages in raised bed gardening.

raised bed garden

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How To Have An Evening Garden?

evening gardenIt doesn’t mean that you are busy; you will no longer have time to enjoy your garden. By having an evening garden, you will have the chance to appreciate the entire place no matter how late at night it is, unless you are still working by that time. Having an evening garden is easy since there are many plants to choose from, and these plants are not difficult to maintain. If you don’t know how to start having your own evening garden, try to read the tips below:

Create a Plan

Planning is really important when you want to make your evening garden perfect. Without proper planning, you may not be able to achieve the garden that you dream of having. Try to spare a little time outside. Envision your garden. How would you like it to look? Where you will put your plants? What type of plants you want to have? How will you arrange them? These are just a few questions which you need to think about when planning. In fact, it can be useful if you will put all your thoughts in a piece of paper so that you won’t forget. If you think you don’t know what to do, you can ask for help from an expert.

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5 invasive plants to keep out of your garden

gardenDid you know that there are invasive plants which can harm the other plants which you have planted in your garden? From, an article written by, there are 5 invasive plants which you should look for in your garden. By doing this, you will be able to protect the plants which are precious to you. First, you should be aware of the English Ivy. It may spread widely which hinders other plants from receiving adequate sunlight. If you choose to have the English Ivy, you should make sure that it is properly trimmed and regularly pruned. You should also be careful when you have bush honeysuckles in your garden. These plants are native to Asia. It is much better to choose honeysuckle vines than the bush. To know more of these plants, kindly visit this site:

The Different Night Blooming Plants Which You Can Add For Your Evening Garden

Isn’t it lovely to stay outside with a cool breeze of the air and beautiful blooming flowers? That’s one of the best benefits which you can enjoy if you have an evening garden. In fact, some of these flowers can give you great scents which are relaxing for you. Are you excited to know these plants? Kindly read below:

Night Bloom Water Lilies

water liliesDo you have a small pond in your garden? If yes, instead of living it empty, try to add the night bloom water lilies. Their colors are usually pink and purple. They would just bloom at night which enhances the beauty of your pond, especially if you have light effects on it. They have beautiful and large petals.

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The aloe vera miracle: A natural medicine for cancer, cholesterol, diabetes, inflammation, IBS, and other health conditions

Aloe vera

Gardening does not only make you become healthier each day. The plants which you may have can bring several benefits for you and for the entire family just like what Aloe Vera can do. From, Mike Adams has stated how powerful Aloe Vera is when it comes to treating certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, inflammation, and many more. Aloe Vera is one of the most beneficial herbs which humans may enjoy to have. It is simply to plant and it requires less maintenance. Because of this, you won’t have any reason why not stay healthy. For Mark, he would blend the Aloe Vera and drink it consistently. It has the ability to boost your immune system which is useful in preventing us from getting sick, especially the fatal ones like cancer and diabetes. Lastly, if you want to have a beautiful skin, instead of buying expensive skin care products, you may try Aloe Vera and see the effects. It is all natural which is safe for you.

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