Plants Which Are Safe For Your Bird Aviary

Do you have a bird aviary at home? Whether you place it inside or outside the house, the best way to decorate it and to entertain your birds is to add plants. However, you cannot just add any other plants. Make sure that they are safe for your birds.

Green Plants

This is good in both outdoor and indoor aviary. In fact, it is best for indoor aviary because it can improve the air circulation around the house for more refreshing air. Here are the green plants which you can add:

Corn plant

corn plant

Swedish ivy

Swedish ivy

Spider plant or schefflera

potted spider plant


Herbs are also good in your aviary. These will add fragrance to your aviary. Examples are:








Flowers can add more attraction to your aviary. Aside from that, some plants may add fragrance too. But just make sure that the flowers will bloom either indoor or outdoor.


Marigolds, Roses, Petunias


You can choose succulents if you want lesser maintenance and without the need for so much space. You can select among the following:


Aloe, Mother-in-law tongue, and Jade plant

Lastly, you have to make sure that the plants are not toxic for your birds. Still don’t have an aviary yet? Try to check out, particularly if you are living in Australia.

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